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My name is Jaheem Rashon Marcus Anthony Hilts. I was born in New York. I became Masonic in New York under top-secret observation with guidance. I have many teachers, friends, and ways to study, which enhances my third eye. I wrote my children’s book because I love all my children, whether they are born or not. God knows how to be magnificent to his creation. In this book, you will find four masonic children’s stories for all ages—even elderly people down to a newborn baby. Please be advised. You will love this book hopefully, just like me.

My name is Jaheem R.Hilts I’m a full blown Celebrity waiting for The Industry to hook up my spot in the spotlight like no other. My Childrens book is so beautiful it changed my heart again I just want to produce more positivity in The World we live in. Inside the book their are over 100 Celebrities ranging from Oprah Winfrey, Ludwig van Beethoven,Bill Gates, Musical Artist, Pablo Picasso,Elvis Presley etc. Stop playing and buy my book. I’m gonna be successful either way. I was promised a name big like Stephen King in the future the future is today. We both believe in Judaism I’m also Secret Society Masonic I believe in The Truth which is addition to Judaism. I protect America from Terrorism which is a easy job for me. I’m well connected to The United States Government, I grew up Secretly with The White House and The United States Congressional Delegates. Nothing is more important to me than protecting The Country making better Treaties, war is not always the answer. I hope people support me in return I support people. I’ve been blessed by God in so many ways. I change lives making people stand strong. I have no Kids when I do I hope they get respect not misled eventually making Friends not enemies enjoying The World we live in. I don’t like racism. I’m not Black I’m Brown Skin my dominate gene is German the others are Dutch, Scottish,Blackfoot Indian, English etc. I’m tired of racism people should get the facts right. My birthday is December 31st, 1986 party hard for me! God bless!!! My book also be purchased at

Get yourself one it’s worth it!!!